How can I order?
You can create an order directly on our website bbdomu.cz 


How can I pay?
You can easily pay with a credit card on our website.


Do you also deliver?
We will deliver your order within 45 minutes of ordering.
If we are fully booked or do not deliver to your address, you can use our partners Bolt Food, DameJIdlo or Wolt for delivery.

Our delivery partners include Wolt Drive & Foodora.



How much will I pay for delivery?

Up to 1 km = 39 CZK
Up to 2,50 km = 49 CZK
Up to 4 km = 59 CZK
Up to 6 km = 79 CZK
Up to 8 km = 109 CZK
Over 8 km = 119 CZK

*Delivery price may vary based on availability of individual branches.


I received a different order than I ordered, what should I do?
Did we make a mistake? Please contact us at bbdomu@bb.cz or on our Facebook. We will fix it right away!



Did none of the answers satisfy you? Write to us at bbdomu@bb.cz, where we will gladly answer your questions